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� � � � � 鈥淲hat impudence of Charlestown,鈥?say these men, 鈥渢o be sending over here,鈥攋ust as if we could not put our own fires out! They have fires over there, as much as we do.鈥? CaoPorn - 超碰在线视频 CHAPTER V � 鈥淲ell, Cazotte,鈥?said the other, 鈥渉ere, if ever, is a case for you to call your spirit up and ask him if [326] that poor dying creature will have strength to mount the horrible machine to-morrow.鈥? � In the meantime, look what's happened to the industry. Nowadays, we're heroes because we're stillshowing double-digit growth. If we do 20 percent, it's the lead item on the national news broadcastsbecause they view it as an economic indicator. The point is, all those analysts may have had perfectlylogical theories about why a 20 percent increase would be a disaster for us. But they failed to see that ina big economic downturn, when everybody is suffering, Wal-Mart's fundamental strengths would keep usgoing strong. And we would look great compared to everybody else.